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A proper daycare provider starts them off right

You worry about them constantly. Finding the right shoes, boots, jackets and socks can give the average parents of a toddler fits and making sure they get only the best food and access to the Internet to stimulate their growing minds and bodies is enough to keep them up at night.

It’s all a normal part of being a parent, but you might find the hand wringing gets a little more intense when you realise it’s time to loosen the reigns even more and enrol your son or daughter in one of the local daycare centres in your area.

the right daycare provider is a lot easier when you’ve got some standards to compare all your options. Preparation is the key to feel more at ease about your toddler’s first little excursion into the world without you by their side, so settle back and read these helpful points on the things you need to look for.

Deciding what you want

While that might sound a little funny as a yardstick to use to decide where to send your child, it really makes perfect sense when you take a closer look at what’s involved. Research out local daycare centers and then separate them into two categories—the ones that are close to home and the others that are closer to work. Which ones fit in better with your busy schedule? Adding in another stop on the commute doesn’t need to rock the boat any more than necessary if you choose the option that makes sense here.

You need to start narrowing down your choices or the chances are you’ll become overwhelmed and confused. Starting with this kind of big picture scenario helps you move forward to the next set of decisions.

Deciding what they need

It’s a big step and maybe even the first time you’ll be separated from your child for any real length of time, so of course you’ll need to see how they will interact in this new environment. Beyond checking the references and looking carefully at the rules, policies staff and current licenses, you should take your toddler for a visit to several of the local daycare centers you have on your list to see how they react.

A warm and friendly atmosphere will provide a nice welcome and there should be some individual attention for each child that meets both their physical and emotional needs. Do the other children look comfortable and relaxed? Are the toys safe and age appropriate? While there should be some structure to what’s planned to fill your child’s day, be sure to look for open ended play things like puzzles and blocks that encourage individual creativity.

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