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Toddler Mix

In the toddler mix room, children have the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace, experiencing a day filled with activities designed to foster growth without undue pressure. Unrestricted access to the garden serves as an outdoor extension to their indoor adventures. This age group also encounters the transition from nappies to potties and toilets. Rest assured, our dedicated staff, well-trained and committed, collaborates closely with parents/carers during this pivotal phase. Engaging in play, role-playing, mark-making, and cozy corner activities, alongside exploration of books, construction, and small-world scenarios, forms a key part of their day. The room features specialised areas like sand and water play, science and nature exploration, music and movement, and activities focusing on math and ICT. By organising the rooms in this manner, our aim is to facilitate the children’s development through a balance of informal and formal activities.
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Frequently asked question

What Learning Activities Do You Provide

At Excel Child Care Services, we provide an enriched implementation of the EYFS curriculum meticulously crafted by our in-house education team. Our modules are customised for every developmental stage, incorporating Makaton, a STEM program, dedicated art sessions, and well-being activities.

What Qualifications Do Your Staff Have?

At Excel Child Care Services, our staff’s qualifications vary from Apprentices and level 2 and 3 qualified practitioners to degree level managers. Our in house recruitment team select the best candidates and we grow our talent with many practitioners starting off as Apprentices and progressing up to senior management roles within our nurseries.

Do You Cater For Any Dietary Requirements

Our meals are prepared by our chef at the nursery. So we can cater to any dietary needs your child may have

Can I Bring My Own Food

Regrettably, in adherence to our allergens and cross-contamination policies, external food is not permitted. This measure is in place to uphold strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

Do The Children Go Outside Regularly

Yes, the children play outside at least twice a day, this is more frequent during the summer months.

What Are Your Staff To Child Ratio?

Under 2’s the ratio is 1:3, for every 3 children there is 1 member of staff 2-3 years old the ratio is 1:4 3+ it is a 1:8 ratio


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