Welcome to Excel Child Care Services

Our aim is to ensure that you and your child are happy and healthy at our setting in whatever way we can!

We do this by:

  • Giving daily feedback on what your child has been doing throughout the day,
  • Planning activities in line with your child’s next steps for development,
  • Assessing your child against the EYFS – Development Matters system, to see how your child is progressing,
  • Providing age-appropriate toys and equipment for your child to play with and explore,
  • By having a friendly and supportive team of staff who are well-training and up to date with the latest regulations

When your child leaves our setting, we aim for them to be:

  • Independent
  • Active Learners
  • Kind and Helpful
  • Good Communicators
  • Resilient
  • Understanding their community
Excel Child Care Services

Our Philosophy

Learning, curiosity and motivation are natural and ongoing processes in children’s growth. We encourage children to be aware of the environment and appreciate the things around them.

Our staff creates an atmosphere wherein these qualities are nurtured and encouraged.

Child Painting

Child Painting and Learning.

Our philosophy is framed by the lens that each child is a seed.

Just as the sun provides warmth, the rain provides water, and the soil provides the nutrients to feed and nurture each seed, thereby realizing and cultivating the seed into its potential bloom.

We believe we must provide the nourishing and responsive environment to cultivate fulfilment of each child’s individual qualities and abilities, and then marvel as they bloom!

Excel Child Care Services Daycare and Nursery School is a nursery and preschool based on various philosophies and principles.

These philosophies encourage learning conditions that enhance thinking and experiential learning, tailoring the environment to accommodate children’s needs, and implementing a curriculum that is guided by children’s interests, in an eco-friendly way.

We believe that children, their families, and society all benefit from a high-quality, early childhood program in conjunction with an eco-friendly surrounding and that there is a critical link between a child’s early experiences and later successes in life.

It is our goal to provide all of our children with the best possible education delivered by motivated, inspirational teachers who have been specially trained to teach an integrated curriculum.

Our Ethos:

The children are the heart of all that we do at Excel Childcare Services.


Our vision is: 

We have a clear vision to provide a safe, happy, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment for all our children. So that every child in our care progresses and develops into successful learners and that no child is left behind.
 We implement the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) curriculum.
We offer SEN (special educational needs) support and as our vision explains, no child is left behind. We work in close partnership with parents as well as outside agencies to best support each child individually.
We are working in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and offering a 5 session program called Early Words Together @2  https://literacytrust.org.uk/programmes/early-words-together/early-words-together-two/

Our annual graduation ceremony for those children going on to big school


We understand that paperwork isn’t the most fun to sit through – that’s why we try to do the majority of it for you!

The most paperwork you would ever deal with would be when your child first enrols. Afterwards, you will only have to sign the occasional accident, medicine or outing form.

For families with English as a second language, we can provide translated documents.  


Excel Child Care is open all year round and we are only closed one week over Easter and an another week over Christmas, weekends, bank holidays, and two inset staff training days a year.

We offer an Open Door Policy, meaning that if you need us we will try our best to make that happen! Or if you have an alternating shift pattern, we provide irregular sessions to help you as you go.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

We highly value equal opportunities and inclusivity; we support all our children as they grow and develop.

For those children whom have IEPs and need a little more support, the SENDCo Lead attends the various meetings to work in collaboration with other professionals to ensure your child has the best education and support at all times.

If you ever have any questions or worries about your child’s development, The Manager is our SENDCo Lead and she will be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer any support you or your child requires.

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