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Buzzy Bees Baby Unit

We create a haven for your babies to explore, learn, and thrive. Discover the perfect blend of love and learning in our Baby Room, where every giggle and milestone is celebrated with joy. Your little one’s journey begins here, surrounded by a supportive community that cherishes each precious moment of their early years.
We take babies from 3 Months old.
A typical day for your little one at our nursery school is carefully crafted to ensure a harmonious blend of care, learning, and play. As the sun rises, our nurturing team welcomes your baby with smiles and gentle reassurance. The day begins with a nourishing breakfast, where little ones are encouraged to explore new tastes and textures. Our dedicated staff engages in cuddles, songs, and interactive play to foster a sense of security and connection. Structured activities fill the morning, introducing basic developmental concepts through sensory play, music, and gentle exercises. Our cosy naptime follows, allowing each baby to rest and recharge in a peaceful environment. In the afternoon, the nursery comes alive with more play, both indoors and outdoors, stimulating curiosity and fostering social interactions. Nappy changes, feeding, and attentive care are seamlessly integrated into the routine, ensuring the well-being of your little one throughout the day. As the day draws to a close, our team shares highlights and updates with you, providing insights into your baby’s activities, milestones, and moments of joy. We understand the importance of effective communication to strengthen the partnership between our nursery and your family. At our nursery school, every day is a journey of growth and discovery for your baby, surrounded by a caring community dedicated to creating a loving and enriching environment.
Feels like family

We look after our children like family, get to know the teachers so you feel comfortable with us!

Great Flexibility

We are flexible, speak to us about your schedule and we can see how we can help

Variety of other extracurricular

We try to get creative with activities that are seasonal and different to encourage development.

baby lying on his back playing
baby lying on his back

Frequently asked question

School Readiness Program

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What Learning Activities Do You Provide

At Excel Child Care Services, we provide an enriched implementation of the EYFS curriculum meticulously crafted by our in-house education team. Our modules are customised for every developmental stage, incorporating Makaton, a STEM program, dedicated art sessions, and well-being activities.

What Qualifications Do your staff have?

At Excel Child Care Services, our staff’s qualifications vary from Apprentices and level 2 and 3 qualified practitioners to degree level managers. Our in house recruitment team select the best candidates and we grow our talent with many practitioners starting off as Apprentices and progressing up to senior management roles within our nurseries.

Do you cater for any dietary requirements

Our meals are prepared by our chef at the nursery. So we can cater to any dietary needs your child may have

Can I Bring My Own Food

Regrettably, in adherence to our allergens and cross-contamination policies, external food is not permitted. This measure is in place to uphold strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

Do The Children Go Outside Regularly

Yes, the children play outside at least twice a day, this is more frequent during the summer months.


What are your staff to child ratio?

Under 2’s the ratio is 1:3, for every 3 children there is 1 member of staff 2-3 years old the ratio is 1:4 3+ it is a 1:8 ratio


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