Toddler Mix


Toddler Mix as with all the sections in our nursery, is a bright and spacious area which brings together a friendly and welcoming atmosphere geared to encourage a stimulating environment for children aged   2 years 8 months to 3 years 4 months of age.
The Birth to Three Framework has been used and implemented in the design of the toddler room to create another section targeted to assist this stage of growth and development. The toddler rooms in the nursery has been designed to enable a flexible environment that is fully adaptable to meet the children’s needs interests and growth in a very safe space.


kids doing maths


Birth to Three identifies experiences that children under 3 should have under four separate headings:

•    Sense of self and others
•    Communication
•    Curiosity
•    Movement and co-ordination

We have our messy area for the fun messy play which often changes depending on the particular week’s curriculum and includes texture-based items such as sand, water, soil, gloop, shaving foam, pasta or jelly baths. Through various fun hands-on lessons, children have the opportunity to learn and explore through the use of senses to add further understanding of the world they live in.

We also have an art section where children are encouraged to get creative with paints, pens, pencils, drawing modelling printing and more..
There is a role play corner, dressing up clothes, puppets and musical instruments all there for your child to enjoy and experience.

Maths and writing areas are provided for children to explore and experience.


Children in daycare


Construction toys are also available, as are puzzles and a lovely quiet reading area with lots of books.
The nursery operates a free play mechanism of learning where children can pick and choose what they want to do.

The children also enjoy walks in the surrounding areas to the local library or park throughout the year. Please ensure your child comes to nursery prepared for all weathers!

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