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Alright, mates! Winter with the kids? shall we? Here we go:

1. Snowman Building Shenanigans
Winter’s arrived, and it’s time to get stuck into building a snowman. Encourage the little ones to think outside the box – it’s not just about stacking snow; it’s a creative challenge! Hats, scarves, buttons – let them style up that snowman and create a winter masterpiece.

2. Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Embrace the winter wilderness with a cracking nature scavenger hunt. Craft a list of winter wonders – pinecones, icicles, animal footprints. Bundle up, head outdoors, and let’s see who can conquer the winter scavenger game. Nature’s calling, and we’re answering.


things to do this winter

3. Hot Cocoa and Storytime:
Warm up those taste buds and minds with a cuppa hot cocoa and a good old storytime. Create a cosy nook with blankets, grab a brew, and let’s dive into some winter-themed books. It’s not just sipping cocoa; it’s about creating a proper winter vibe.

4. Indoor Snowball Fisticuffs:
If the weather’s playing up, bring the snowball fight indoors! Soft, indoor snowballs or crumpled-up paper – let the games commence. Build pillow forts, strategise, and let’s unleash some indoor winter warfare. We’re turning the living room into a battleground, and we’re doing it with style.

5. Crafty Capers – Winter Edition:
Winter crafts? More like a creative takeover. Paper snowflakes, paintings, ornaments – let’s turn the house into an art studio. DIY winter decorations? Absolutely. It’s not just about making stuff; it’s about owning the creative space and leaving a winter legacy.

There you have it, chums – winter with the ankle-biters. It’s not just a laugh; it’s a chance to inject some serious passion and energy into their lives. Top-notch! ❄️ #WinterFun 

But we cannot wait to see you back in the nursery in January! 

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