Christmas Dinner

It has been a funny sort of year for all the children and indeed our parents. Needless to say that Covid 19 and the Pandemic has had a lot to do with how we have had to do things differently .

The parents have just got on with every rule change and regulation implementation we had to throw at them and every different way of working has been just that – different.

Having staff who are determined to ensure that things are not ‘too different’ for the children has been the number one guiding thought for all of the team at Excel Child Care Services, when we were able to open our doors a little wider in the Autumn, the team just wanted to normalise life at the Nursery.

A different kind of Christmas Tree in the Pre School (Little Learners Room) – Very Vogue!

pre school room

Role on to Christmas and as usual the 1st of December is the date etched in Manager Chantel’s diary as the date, come rain or shine when the Christmas decorations must go up and around the nursery – the  plastic snow man gets to sit outside guiding the front door and the tinsel and paper chains are all over the place. With many decorations hand made by the children and then sits proudly on the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree in the Baby Room (Bizzy Bees) with hand made decorations by our ever so talented and creative babies. Never mind there was paper, glue and stickies everywhere – it was all part of the fun and learning and without mess – there is no learning or creativity right?

Baby room tree

The current climate which cancelled many things, certainly did not cancel our parents meeting. Our parents were able to discuss their child’s progress and development. From the babies to the pre schoolers, no one missed out on having their progress discussed and praised, and every child was seen to have actually grown in height and ability. Good care and nurturing from home and nursery does do that. Thats why we have been helping parents with their child care – (home to nursery care) for 19 years.

The plans were then drawn for the Christmas week – when would we have the Christmas dinner, Christmas parties,  and presents? – when the children who only attended for part time  with the FEEE Nursery Grant would be able to fully attend and enjoy having Christmas festivities and fun with their friends. It just wouldn’t be the same without the whole nursery being at the table.

The date was set, and Chef Marg made sure she went to bed early in order to be fully prepped and have lots of energy saved for the day ahead as she never took it for granted  that ‘Christmas dinner day’ for the children at Excel Child Care Services was any less than a special day and a special meal.

All the tables were set and the staff were on standby to ensure the day went off without a hitch. There was a happy buzz of excitement all round. Manager Chantel had rehearsed this day over the years, and it was with military precision that the day had to be planned so the babies did not go for their nap before the dinner was ready, or the nappy changing got in the way of the sit down menu being served. There was a buzz of excitement as the children could smell the delicious food wafting through from the kitchen.

tables all set

Tenderised chicken was on the menu this year with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy to enhance the flavour. The roasties were not too crispy, but were cooked to their golden best and veggies were on every plate. Our children have always liked their vegetables, and will often ask for them first before anything else! … all washed down with a glass of fresh……. water. Lots of super power giving, energy storing water, teeth saving water.

We save the squash for special occasions and the Christmas Party.

Roast Potatoes

Christmas Dinner

Rainbows Babies ready for dinner

Rainbows Babies ready for dinner

Children eagerly waiting for their Christmas dinner to be served.

Marg did not stop there – she had get in early and made the special sponge cake which the children had for their pudding fully iced and all light and fluffy. Needless to say the children asked for seconds. That makes our Chef really happy when children eat well and are happy to sit and eat with their friends.

Chef Marg

And it’s a wrap…… another brilliant Christmas dinner for the children at Excel Child Care Services served by all the staff at Excel.

Clearing up is all about team work – with thanks to all the staff at the Nursery.

Merry Christmas to all our children, family and friends.

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