Bizzy Bees – Baby Unit

Baby room Bizzy Bees


Bizzy Bees – Baby Unit

The Excel Child Care Services Bizzy Bees Baby Unit caters for babies from 3 months to 2 years old. We know and understand children all have different routines during this young yet wonderful age. The children are very explorative at this tender age and we work with the children to provide activities that aim to stimulate and encourage this active and exciting stage of development.


Armed with lots of hugs and attention our staff work with the children to create a warm and welcoming environment where the children are encouraged to play, learn, rest and make friends. The baby unit is specially designed for babies and young children at this stage of development from soft colourful toys and a special sleep area.

Staff keep daily records of every child’s development noting all significant achievements, interesting stories and developmental accomplishments such as sitting crawling and walking and feedback is provided on a daily bases and parents evening.

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