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Bank Holiday Is So Wet – Excel Child Care Services

Why is Bank Holiday so wet? – This was not how it was supposed to be – another wet and horrible Bank holiday. Was supposed to be out in the sunshine in shorts and a tee – may be strolling down to see how the Carnival was going and then getting a bit to eat – but instead Im in my dressing gown and doing paperwork. I guess the nursery needs some more paperwork completed, but surely not on Bank Holiday Monday. Should be out and about getting my 10,000 steps in as I have this new pedometer which I am sure has broken as it has never recorded me doing anything above 7,000 steps, or does it simply prove that I am indeed a couch potato, and that spare tyre around my middle bears testimony to the fact. I really must get int my new running kit which I bought in good faith in the expectation that to buy it would make it easier for me to get to 10,000 steps in a day with all the hopes of loosing 3 stones in the next 2 months. Wishful thinking .. me thinks, but hey ho!, I guess in order to start, I need to start. Must get into the habit of walk around more and not just thinking about it – Just think Christmas is now just a few months away, Harrods has already got their Christmas display up and we have not got another Bank Holiday before Christmas. It would be lovely to lose the extra pouch before Christmas – so I have space in my guilty conscious to eat well over the festive period, and then get back on the program with the rest of the world in trying to lose the triple weight gain after Christmas. Who wants to join me and make this time a really good time with lots of hope, and excitement,


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