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Special Features

The unique services that we offer

At Excel our children are at the centre of what we do, therefore our parent’s input is an imporant part of how we run our nursery. We regularly ask parents for information about what we do, how we are doing it and how we can make improvements.

Communication with parents

We have regular parent open meetings throughout the year to gain their views on the services we provide. We also complete an annual questionnaire.



French Classes:




Cultural Awareness


The Wrap around service is a service whereby we take your child to school and collect them at the end of the school day. Many parents use this service to enable them to work full time or to attent college or university.

This list is not exclusive; please do ask at the office if there is another school which you would like the service to cover. We cannot promise to cover all the requested schools, but will assess the details, and the logistics of the service.

Please request information regarding the details and the relevant application form for the Wrap Around Service from the Manager

St Francesca Cabrini

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