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Nursery School Dulwich – Excel is an Ofsted registered day nursery catering for over 60 children in the local community. We have extended opening hours to fit in with demands of our discerning parents.

Opening Hours

  • Our standard opening hours are from 8-6pm.
  • Our Forest Hill Nursery offers a early start option from 7.30am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • The nursery remains open for 50 weeks a year, closing only for 1 week during Easter and 1 week over Christmas which includes the New Year period.

Our aims are:

    • To recognise that each child is an individual and to provide personalised care plans.
    • To enhance the development of children in a caring a stimulating group.
    • To provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for children, parents and staff.
    • To work within a framework which ensures equity of opportunity for all children and families.
    • To work closely with parents and provide support and encouragement for your little ones.



The nursery has been divided into classes according to the children’s age range.

We have our dedicated baby unit which provides a safe and secure environment from the age of three months to two years. The children then progress to the Toddler Room at the age of 2 years which aims to extend and build upon their development.  They then move on to the Pre-school area from the age of three, which is often the time the children are prepared for the important transition into school.

Bank Holiday Is So Wet – Excel Child Care Services

Why is Bank Holiday so wet? – This was not how it was supposed to be – another wet and horrible Bank holiday. Was supposed to be out in the sunshine in shorts and a tee – may be strolling down to see how the Carnival was going and then getting a bit to eat – but instead Im in my dressing gown and doing paperwork. I guess the nursery needs some more paperwork completed, but surely not on Bank Holiday Monday. (more…)

2 Year Old FREE Nursery Places

We have a few spaces left for children aged 2 years old for the New Nursery Grant.

If you are claiming any benefits, or are on low income, why not contact us for further details.

It is simple to apply and your child can have 15 hours of FREE NURSERY SESSIONS A WEEK.

This will enable you to start a new job, extra classes, or just time for you to do as you choose whilst your child is being cared for in a loving, caring environment.


Contact the Managers of either branch today to discuss this further. Places are limited …. so act fast.

Healthy Eating at Excel Child Care Services

Healthy eating at Excel Childcare Services

Did you know?
Children start learning about food at a very early age. The messages they receive during this time lay the foundations for the choices they make about food as they move up to school and beyond. With more than one in five children overweight or obese as they start their school reception year, it’s never been more important to help them get a healthy start in life.

What does a healthy diet for very young children look like?

  • Lots of choice and balance.
  • Lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Lots of starchy foods, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta.
  • Contains calcium and iron‑rich foods – milk and dairy, and other sources of protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, beans.
  • Regular healthy meals and snacks.
  • Low salt and added sugar.

At Excel we pride ourselves on the menu and food choices we have for our children, we set good examples and meal times are fun and we make sure the children are always involved e.g. helping to set the table, dish up their own lunches, make their own tea and tidy up afterwards.

We have a 5 week menu with vegetarian alternatives and before your child starts with our nursery we ask that parents tell us about any food allergies/preferences or special requirements so that we can meet the needs of your child individually. All staff are made aware of your child’s allergy or intolerance, we have a dietary requirement board up in each of our rooms.

Our menu includes something from each of the main food groups:

  • Starchy foods – bread, rice, potatoes, pasta.
  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • Milk and dairy foods.
  • Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other sources of protein.

Top tips for a healthy start

  • Encourage your child to try lots of different foods.
  • Unless you need to, don’t exclude particular food or drinks.
  • Offer healthy alternatives to usual sugary or fatty ‘treats’.
  • Make food and eating times fun social occasions, eating together with your child.
  • Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks.
  • Encourage your child to drink lots of water instead.
  • Give whole milk to your child from one year of age until at least two years old.

Make meal times as fun as possible, encourage your child to get involved in the whole meal making process to get them excited about what they are about to eat. At Excel we have found that just by involving the children and making our meal times more homely, that the children have a positive attitude towards food and are willing to have a go and try something new.

From the Managers

Chantel and Lolita

Special Features

The unique services that we offer

At Excel our children are at the centre of what we do, therefore our parent’s input is an imporant part of how we run our nursery. We regularly ask parents for information about what we do, how we are doing it and how we can make improvements.

Communication with parents

We have regular parent open meetings throughout the year to gain their views on the services we provide. We also complete an annual questionnaire.



French Classes:




Cultural Awareness


The Wrap around service is a service whereby we take your child to school and collect them at the end of the school day. Many parents use this service to enable them to work full time or to attent college or university.

This list is not exclusive; please do ask at the office if there is another school which you would like the service to cover. We cannot promise to cover all the requested schools, but will assess the details, and the logistics of the service.

Please request information regarding the details and the relevant application form for the Wrap Around Service from the Manager

St Francesca Cabrini